Interdisciplinary Statistical Research

The Interdisciplinary Statistical Research Unit (ISRU) formerly Bayesian and Interdisciplinary Research Unit (BIRU) was created in 2006. The scientists of this unit are actively doing research in diverse areas of Applied and Interdisciplinary Statistics. The unit is a part of Applied Statistics Division (ASD). The present Professor-in-charge of ASD is Prof. Sumitra Purkayastha.

The present Head of ISRU (since September 2018) is Prof. Subir Kumar Bhandari. The past Heads are Prof. G. M. Saha (April 2006 - January 2008) , Prof. Arun K. Adhikary (February 2008 - August 2010), Prof. Ayanendranath Basu (September 2010 - September 2012), Prof. Rita SahaRay (September 2012 - July 2014), Prof. Amita Pal (August 2014 - August 2016)and Prof. Smarajit Bose (August 2016 - August 2018).


Announcement for Workshop on Data Analytics to be held during March 15 - 20, 2020.



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